5 Local PPC Company Indonesia Eligible Best Adsense Alternatives Tested

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Actually there are several companies PPC Indonesia reliable that can be used as an alternative if you are not being accepted by Google Adsense.Even the local PPC company has many premium advertiser, of course this will affect the amount of income the publisher.
It should be recognized that the majority of bloggers in Indonesia prefer PPC Google Adsense to monetize their websites.Sadly enough many bloggers who refused submission.A strict policy makes the submission process into Google Adsense publisher becomes very difficult.And not infrequently also Google Adsense publisher account banned in the middle of the street for violating the TOS-based advertising network PPC (pay per clik) is.
If you are one of the many bloggers or website owners that can not be accepted by Google Adsense, it never hurts to try memontize your website with PPC Indonesia.Perhaps the results were not as good as Google Adsense, but worth a try.
So, what are the alternative PPC Adsense?
Here is some of the best local PPC company that you can consider to monetize your website:
1. Local PPC Best # 1 IdBlogNetwork
I think personally, IdBlogNetwork.com(IBN) is the best local PPC company in Indonesia to date.Similarly, Google Adsense, IBN does not carelessly receive one becomes publisher.To become a publisher at IBN, you must be a blogger and have a blog with content that isfamily friendly.
Some of the advertising services of IdBlogNetwork are:
*.CPC (cost per click)
*.CPP (cost per post)
*.CPA (cost per action)
*.CPL (cost per lead)
*.CPR (cost per click read)
*.CPCV (cost per click browsing)
*.CPVB (CPV video banner)
*.CPVy (CPV YouTube video)
IBN does not apply the minimum requirement Page View a blog / website, blog even with Alexa rank 10 million (global rank) is still acceptable.However, in order to become publisher IBN filing more quickly accepted, in addition to a quality blog, you should receive an email recommendation from other bloggers who have become publisher at IBN.
If you sign up without a recommendation from the publisher IBN, acceptable process could take up to several months.Some say the process can be up to 4 months.Wah ya long time.
PPC value at IBN is quite large, which is about USD 1000 – USD 2500 per valid click.This figure is almost the same with the CPC from Google Adsense.And a minimum payout of earnings at IBN is Rp 1 million.Of course, to get this nominal not too difficult so if your blog has a lot of visitors.
2. PPC Adsense Alternatives From ADPlus
According to a review of many bloggers, AdPlus.co.idis one of the best local PPC in Indonesia.The company provides the opportunity for the publisher to make money from a blog with a variety of options to monetize, including:
*.CPC (cost per click)
*.CPV (cost per visit)
*.CPL (cost per leads)
*.CPS (cost per sales)
*.CPM (cost per mile)
Unfortunately, to be admitted to a publisher in ADPlus was not easy.There are several requirements that must be followed by the candidate of their publisher, including:
*.Blog / website that is registered must have a minimum of 200,000 page views pv / month, at least 3 months prior to the ADPlus registered.Proof of page views delivered in the form of an image file screen shots of Google Analytics
*.Blog / website that is registered is included in the following niche category;Business, Site News, Technology, Lifestyle, Sports and Youth, Women.So, not all kinds of niche blog is accepted into their publisher.
*.Blog / website must be registered using the Top Level Domain (TLD).Thus, bloggers who still use a subdomain of Blogger.com and WordPress.com will not be accepted as a publisher.
*.Blog / website that is registered must contain content that isfamily friendly.So, if your blog has content that violates the ITE Law, drugs, porn, racism, the blog will not be accepted as a publisher ADPlus.
3. PPC Program From Adstars
Adstars.co.idadvertising network emerged after IdBlogNetwork, but from the advertisers and publishers Adstars not be underestimated.Adstars trusted by premium advertisers to promote their business, such as: Unilever, Nestle, Mandiri, Indosat, Mayora, Garuda Indonesia, and others.
Some advertising service offered by Adstars include:
*.CPC (cost per click)
*.CPM (cost per mile)
*.CPV (cost per visit)
Adstars not arbitrary in terms of accepting their publisher.To be able to join a publisher Adstars, your blog must have at least 50,000 page views per month as evidenced by a screen shoot of traffic reports in Google Analytics.Some publisher they are well-known sites such as; KapanLagi.com, IDWS.com, Kompas.com, Metrotvnews.com, Viva.co.id, and others.4. PPC From KumpulBlogger
KumpulBlogger.comcompany PPC Indonesia-based advertising network that has been established since 2008. It used to be before the Google Adsense can be applied to the Indonesian language blog, KumpulBlogger became one of the local PPC idol bloggers to monetize their blogs.
Not difficult to join a publisher KumpulBlogger because no severe requirements.KumpulBlogger very suitable for beginner bloggers because there is no minimum requirement the number of visitors and page views monthly.
Some services of KumpulBlogger include:
*.CPC (cost per click)
*.SEO placement
*.job review
*.Link exchange program
However, after observing the site KumpulBlogger.com, I no longer see their PPC advertising services as before.Indeed, the site is not dead, but its services are different.The service provided is much more nuanced, including SEO Placement, Job review and link exchange program.
5. PPC From AdsenseCamp
Local PPC latter company is AdsenseCamp.com.The Company’s advertising network used to be quite widely used by beginner bloggers to make money from their blogs.Indeed the price-per-click ads in this AdsenseCamp including small, ie USD 300 per click advertising, but for bloggers beginner course is quite encouraging.
Some services of AdsenseCamp include:
*.CPC (cost per click)
*.job review
One thing you must WATCH by prospective publisher AdsenseCamp, read their TOS carefully before actually joining.There were several reports of bloggers who feel aggrieved because of the enactment of specific rules for the publisher AdsenseCamp.
Indeed, currently the company’s advertising network of local setbacks.According to my notes, there are several local companies PPC sluggish even die because of lack of advertisers and lack of innovation, including: KumpulBlogger.com, AdsenseCamp, Sitti.co.id, Panenklik.com, Adsentra.com, PPCIndo.com, and click Key. com.
Make friends bloggers who this time has not been accepted by Google Adsense, it never hurts to try to register in one of the local PPC which I mentioned above.Good luck!


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