Aftermath Long Demands Nokia Over Patent Infringement Apple

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In the technology industry increasingly tight as it is today, the competition can certainly happen for various reasons.This is because in order to be in the forefront, a business must make sure that its competitors are not able to surpass what they have achieved.
This is what seems to be being championed by the telecommunications equipment company Nokia.Companies that already have a long history in the technology industry, has just cast a lawsuit against the company #Appleon the use of 32 technology patents.
In fact, reportedly, these issues provide a significant impact to the manufacturer of Apple in several countries.
Issues Patent Technology
In retrospect, the problems associated with the demands of technology patents has been often occurs between the companies.Not only large-scale, even a small industry was sometimes also dragged similar problems if not careful in using the findings of applied technology.
And this time, Apple became the party blamed for using about 32 intellectual property rights in the form of Nokia technology.The suit filed by Nokia after the Finnish company has taken a “family” to find a middle ground.
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But because there was no agreement, Nokia finally brought the matter to the legal sphere.Not only in the United States as the central management of Apple, this claim is also addressed to branches of companies in several other locations such as Germany.
Technology-related patent in question, the Nokia release of which there are several technologies such as display, user interface, software, antennas, chipsets, and video coding.
Demands Patent Volume 2
Understand the difference between the companies Nokia and Apple is not the first time.Because in 2011, raised the demand that the issue of technology patents, both Nokia and Apple finally signed a special agreement.
Initially Nokia filed a patent claim in 2009. Of these demands, an agreement between Nokia and Apple to avoid problems longer.
Under these agreements, Apple has submitted a number of funds to have the right to use Nokia patents.Yet, somehow after walking less than 5 years, similar demands return filed by Nokia.
From the Nokia itself said that, over the last 20 years continues to develop a variety of the latest technology to be applied to many devices that exist today.Value of investment being poured to create the patent is also not a little so about 115 billion euros.
This is the reason why, Nokia is so keen to fight for their rights in matters of use of patents by Apple.
The impact Against Apple
Once the patent claims presented by Nokia, in a few short days the impact of these demands had begun for the Apple.Reported that Apple recently pulled some technological products in line with Nokia’s patent issues.
Technology products which have been withdrawn are Withings, fitness devices are used to monitor blood pressure and body weight digital gauges.Until now, the product is no longer available at the Apple Store.
Apple’s own party judging that what Nokia is a step that is less ethical business.Because, just as was the case in the past 2009 years, the two giant companies are able to take an agreement and did not proceed to issue legal ground.
However, in line with technological developments the number of patents owned by Nokia that is used by Apple is also growing.This is what open gap for Nokia to continue to demand the benefits of using the company’s patent value.
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Such a strategy is often referred to as a patent troll.Patent troll is done by the company that holds the patent to continue to benefit from other companies that implement its patents.
Until now, there has been no official statement from the Apple-related measures to be taken to cope with the demands of Nokia.But certainly, in the foreseeable future there is a possibility some of Apple’s other products will be withdrawn from the market due to a business dispute this.


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