7 Years Imprisonment If Refuses to Marry Girlfriend is Pregnant

SMKN 1 Slahung
Teens who do courtship today, are increasingly alarming.They not only made the courtship introductions, even many who acted outside the limits of the norm.
And not least those who ultimately must feel pregnant out of wedlock, this course can be very embarrassing for him or his family.The absence of clear laws, making adolescents are still free to do courtship.
Women often become victims of going beyond the limits, if it is so only amicable way that could be done, including to marry them.But what if the young men are reluctant to marry his girlfriend is pregnant?
The Burmese government is considering and introducing, legislation to help women who became pregnant by her boyfriend.They will be imprisoned for up to seven years, if a man is reluctant to marry his girlfriend is pregnant.
A senior official said the law was introduced as part of measures designed to strengthen women’s rights.
This legislation was introduced after the country is free from half a century of military rule.Including new legislation to criminalize domestic violence, including the death penalty for rapists.
If the legislation made it through the parliament, meant he could face a sentence of up to five years in prison if they refuse to marry a woman after they live together, and up to seven if she was pregnant.
“We are now preparing a bill to protect women and prevent violence against them,” the director of the department of social welfare Naw Tha Wah told AFP.
But for women should be introspective, do not be lulled by the gentle persuasion boyfriend, and give you all desire including intercourse.


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