Action ‘Dance Seizures’ Paul Pogba Make furor Netizen

SMKN 1 Slahung
Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, is known to have eccentric style.Not only good with the ball on the pitch, the player French passports have also had a hobby of doingpopping dance,or dance seizures.
Nyentriknya Pogba style can be seen from the various models that often changed his hair.In addition, Pogba is also known as a player who also likes to listen to hip-hop genre season.
Not only hear the music of hip-hop, Pogba also turns out good in the affairs of dancing.Bypopping dancetechniques, or known as spastic dance, Pogba was able to captivate the eyes of many people.
Through his personalInstagramaccount, Pogba upload a video in which he is astute action popping dance in a room.Hoody sweaterwith a white costume, complete with asnapbackis also white, Pogba engrossed contorted his body with the music of hip-hop.
Inevitably, Pogba action is enough to make a scene many netizens.Pogba spastic dance action was seen by more than two million netizens.One netizen by the name of Adriano account Mulato, even praise the actions Pogba as the best dance in the world.
Qualified for the League Cup Final, MU Direct Shift Focus
“Danceisthe best in the world,”Adriano wrote onInstagram.
Since rejoining Manchester United earlier this season, Pogba has scored 7 goals in 30 appearances in all competitions.With these records, so Pogba Manchester United player with the second highest number of goals this season, under Zlatan Ibrahimovic with 19 goals.(One)


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