Face Wolverhampton, Liverpool Siding Meeting Record

SMKN 1 Slahung
Scheduled to face Wolverhampton Liverpool in the fourth round of the FA Cup.The match will be held at Anfield on Saturday, January 28, 2017.
The victory of a fixed price for both teams as a venue for an outlet.Therefore, the two teams in a collapsed state, the Reds could only gain one victory from his last seven games.While the Wolves got a defeat in his last fight cons Norwich City with a score of 1-3, last weekend.
The two teams have met as many as 82 times in every event, it was noted, the Reds became more dominant team by winning 41 victories, while Wolves got 27 wins and the rest ended in a draw.
The Reds continued dominance in the last five games by winning three victories.Wolverhampton got one victory and the rest ended in a draw.
Liverpool Still Hoping on Sturridge
The last time Liverpool face Wolverhampton in the Premier League event, February 1, 2012 last.Shown at Anfield, they successfully shave her guests with a score of 3-0.
The following five Liverpool vs Wolverhampton last meeting, as reported by Soccerway:
February 1, 2012: Woverhampton 0-3 Liverpool(Premier League)
24 September 2011:Liverpool 2Wolverhampton -1 (Premier League)
January 22, 2011: Wolverhampton 0-3Liverpool(Premier League)
December 30, 2010: Liverpool 0-1Wolverhampton(Premier League)
January 27, 2010: Wolverhampton 0-0 Liverpool (Premier League)


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