Give Spot 6 Lions and Tigers 10, Couple Sell This House

SMKN 1 Slahung
Lions, tigers and leopards are big cats that kill.Only a few people were brave and interact with these wild animals, it is if they are already ‘knew’ since childhood.
Not a few animals of prey have suddenly become wild, though tamed.Likewise, to maintain them, requires a lot of time and money were great especially their food is meat.
But one family in South Africa, the desire to live in a trailer – the trailer – isolated.So they can provide more food for the pet that is lions, tigers, and leopards.
The Fernandes family once owned Wildlife Predators Jugomaro fancy, for seven years.This park contains predatory animals such as lions, tigers, and leopards with extensive sebesa football field.
These big cats are also allowed to enter into the family home.But in November 2015, this luxurious garden began to experience financial difficulties so that they are forced to sell the house.
Drastic changes have forced the entire family to be on the ground Krugersdorp, South Africa.Where they now live and have to wash and go to the toilet in the bushes nearby.
But for them, the big cats are not eligible to be sold even given to someone else.And they will try to maintain it.
“I see a cat as part of my family. Animals are very meaningful to me and I put lives at them,” Justin said one family member.
After taking care of these animals for nine years, Justin has interacted with lions and tigers is very intimate.
He even played soccer with them, brushing, massaging ears and even provide food from mouth to mouth.
Every week, at least the family will cost around $ 800 or US $ one million for cat food alone.
Now, they’ve been living like this for over a year.And they had never been the slightest desire untukmenjual their big cats.
Berikt how this family of interaction with the cats of prey.


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