Hunting Goods Lunar Fashion Edition

SMKN 1 Slahung
For those who celebrate the lunar new year, the celebration will be something that is looked forward to every year, especially by the Chinese.
This is because when the Chinese New Year celebrations there are many unique traditions including moments to gather with family.Well, when gathered that many people, especially women who use them to look fashionable and different.
For those of you who like to experiment this may be an option or inspire your dress style when the Lunar and gather with family.You should also not hesitate to mix and match clothes and accessories are preferred.Here are some fashion items that you can wear during the Lunar New Year of fashion Stradivarius.
Blouse red turtle neck
Known as Chinese New Year celebration is synonymous with the color red.For it does not hurt you to seize the moment by wearing a red turtle neck blouse.
Fashion is not only to give the appearance of a casual but when combined with reports such as this skirt AKN sweeter.This gorgeous blouse output Stradivarius which cost Rp199 thousand.
Embroidered leather skirt
When the above mentioned blouse, the skirt may be an option to subordinate the right.Leather mini skirt has embroidery relationship and where the poultry are associated with zodiac this year.
This gorgeous skirt can be found in retailers Stradivarius at a price of Rp599 thousand.
Synonymous with the legends Lunar Color Red
Dress loose
For those who want a simple and elegant style wearing a red mini dress a little loose also be an option when the Chinese style.This dress can be combined with sederna accessories, such as necklaces and earrings that do not look monotonous appearance.
Beautiful dresses made of polyester in Stradivarius retailers priced around Rp329 thousand.
High heels
When the appearance was perfect on course selection of footwear is also not to be missed.You can choose high heels height being just as 3-5 centimeters or can be adapted to the event and your clothing.
When you choose a red dress wearing footwear with neutral colors like black or navy blue.This is so that your appearance does not seem excessive and strange.
However if your boss is dark, you can choose brightly colored shoes.In order for your appearance there that stood out a bit.
Black high heels at retailers Stradivarius priced around Rp399 thousand.


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