Mission Hakuba So Muslim Friendly Travel Destinations in Japan

SMKN 1 Slahung
Hakuba Village in Nagano prefecture continue to improve in order to maintain its reputation as one of the tourist destinations in Japan.One of them provide facilities for Muslim tourists.
One that looks are several hotels in Hakuba provide special menus to accommodate the needs of halal food consumption Muslim tourists while on vacation there.
There are three hotels that provide this special menu.Namely Hot Springs Shiroumaso Hakuba, Hakuba Hotel La Neighi Higashi Kan and Hakuba Sun Valley Hotel.
To name last even provide prayer mats in the room and make the room salat (prayer room) in hotels for tourists who want to perform congregational prayers.
However, they admit there are still some deficiencies.”The place of Muslim worship (mosques) are not in Hakuba,” said the Executive Secretary of the Tourist Association of Hakuba, Bunsei Sato.
Getting to know the Japanese culture at Festival Hakuba
Not only Muslim tourists, residents Hakuba also the culture and traditions of other communities such as the menu for vegetarians to shojin meal (meal for Buddhist monks).
“The most difficult thing is to provide food ‘khusus’.Tapi we all trying to adjust to each cultural tourists,” he explained.
Deputy Head of Hakuba Village Humitoshi oota also said residents Hakuba is very adapt to the diversity of foreign tourists who come here.
“So that is the main business here (Hakuba) is tourism. There are people who manage the accommodation, transport, restaurants up to the ski fields,” he said.


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