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The retail industry is one of the most potential business lines for cultivation by the year 2017. The first reason is, in terms of business development of supermarkets and minimarkets can be run in various locations since it covers a broad target market and growing.
The high demand for daily necessities providers are not only close, but the facts show that consumers now tend to choose a provider that is able to offer convenience needs as well as more modern service concept.For that reason, the mini could be the perfect alternative in accordance with the current needs of urban communities.
In addition, many service providers support the retail business is also the reason why more and more entrepreneurs who are interested in working on the field glance.One is, minimarket rack manufacturing services.
Supporting Business Success Minimarket
As noted previously, when planning to open a retail business such as minimarkets and supermarkets, we should also consider some aspects such as using support services.Especially for infrastructure, the rack is one of the important attributes that can not be ruled out in any attempt minimarket.
Through the media of this product displays, organizing products indirectly also will help consumers in finding a product that is required.On the other hand, with their ranks and qualified a good rack, see the location of our efforts also will look more attractive.
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And for those readers who may be looking for manufacturing services minimarket and supermarket shelves, the recommendations could try is through
Entrust the manufacture of supporting facilities such as retail shelf product, would require proof that will not disappoint consumers.It is also the major concern MinimarketRak as a mini rack manufacturing services as well as retail business practitioners minimarket reliable and experienced in dealing with consumers in various locations in Indonesia.
With a positive track record over a dozen years of doing business, MinimarketRakcould be the perfect partner for those who want to develop business minimarkets or supermarkets.MinimarketRak which is under the umbrella of business Adi’s Retail Solution also has received national certificates BNSP and the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs.
Developed by figure Experienced
One of the interesting things that should not be missed is that all these achievements were achieved thanks to the hard work of a founder named Agus Budiono., ST.Starting his career as a manager Kopma UGM, national trainer at the same entrepreneur in the retail field also served as Director and Advisor Kopma UGM.
Of the partners who have worked with MinimarketRak, service providers who have a development center student city Jogjakarta have experience in handling contracts with many parties ranging from entrepreneur personal to large organizations such as Pertamina, Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University, Islamic University of Indonesia, the Jakarta Stock Exchange, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and lots more.
Therefore, in terms of experience as well as verification, the service of MinimarketRak absolutely no doubt.
Advantages of Using the Services
In addition to some of the above advantages, MinimarketRak will certainly provide a distinct advantage for consumers who make a cooperation.
The first of the services offered, MinimarketRak has a number of services that can be selected.The first course MinimarketRak provide shelving for retail businesses ranging from minimarket, supermarket or the use of small-scale stores.Shelves are offered also include special racks for warehouse storage needs.
Minimarket rack products manufactured by MinimarketRak certainly not arbitrary.Because of the quality, shelf products are manufactured using raw materials Cold-rolled Steel that has been shown to have high strength and durability in a very long time.That’s not enough, to complement the performance of the products offered, MinimarketRak also apply the finishing process with Epoxy Powder Coating system that ensures all products have the highest quality.
Interestingly, with the growing interest of entrepreneurs to start a retail business in the area of ​​Jakarta, certainly indirectly require the support means such as creating shelves.Especially for booking shelves minimarket Jakarta, MinimarketRak also can provide the best service.With a production base in Bogor, certainly in terms of manufacture and delivery of the product, can run faster and cheaper.One proof of the fact that this agreement MinimarketRak in running the project Sismart Serpong in Serpong Syafana International Islamic School some time ago.Not only that, the project of making the means minimarket is also performed in several other locations in Jakarta and surrounding areas.
And the next excess of MinimarketRak which may not be owned by another competitor is to provide a professional and experienced consultants minimarket.With consumers who have spread not only in the area of ​​Yogyakarta as the center of business development, but to several other locations in major cities across Indonesia.
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To be a reference readers are beginning to explore the process of retail business development, consulting MinimarketRak offers several packages that can be selected in accordance with the budget and planning.The package starts from the basic package, up to a total minimarket management package that covers all aspects needed to establish a retail business potential.
Because everything is taught by professionals, so we can be sure your retail business can thrive will be much greater.
With so many advantages offered above would be a pity if we did not try out the service.For those who are interested and want to get more information about the provider can contact the developer MinimarketRak through contact centers below.
Minimarket rack Yogyakarta
*.Head Office: 97 Jalan Sidoluhur Suparjo, Godean, Sleman, Yogyakarta
*.Phone: 087812607894/082135386499
*.BBM: 598F448F
*.Line: 082135386499
*.Email: sales@


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