Potential Developing E-Commerce “Special” In the Year 2017

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We have had many Indonesian people who start changing shopping patterns of the first shop exclusively offline to online shopping.Shopping online course provides several advantages such as more simple process that can even be done directly from the house.
Especially for the development of online trading in Indonesia, more and more enterprise e-commerce is also a sign that the trend of buying and selling online will continue to rise in the coming years.And in 2017, some observers predict that # e-commercethat are specific alias targeting niche markets have greater potential.
As to whether this niche e-commerce?Here’s his review
Overview of E-Commerce Niche
If the current e-commerce industry is already dominated by a few large players such as, Lazada, Blibli and several other companies, then such is the potential to develop new e-commerce business in Indonesia?
The answer of course is still very open.Especially if we are able to bring something more specific and focused, the result is predicted to be quite profitable.This is evidenced by several e-commerce startup in Indonesia who choose a special market niche alias.
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Call it Berrybenka, Zalora and Hijup, all of which focus on the field of fashion.Especially for Hijup, even has a target market with more specific ie, the Muslim fashion.This is why a lot of suggestions that go if it wants to establish an online businesswould be better if we had chosen to work on a particular niche.
Advantages of E-Commerce Niche
The reason why set up e-commerce niche is deemed more favorable, the first to offer solutions to the problems actually faced by consumers.For example HijUp establish Moslem purchasing service according to the market not only in Indonesia but offers a variety of variations and follow the latest trends.
However, this is certainly not bound to the clothing industry alone.There are still many other industries such as services between, culinary or more specifically targeting hobby products.
In addition, the reason for establishing e-commerce niche is to be able to compete with companies that already run business and has a large-scale business.Currently, more consumers online searching for products on the availability of the product compared to the brand.
Therefore, if we are able to provide more specific list of products and greater choice for the kind of products of course, it could make consumers feel more comfortable.It is true if, e-commerce generally has the advantage of the huge traffic of visitors, but e-commerce niche has the advantages of the product specifications.
Presented by Kufed CEO, Andrew Buntoro, a mission that carried his start-up is to provide the best product selection and uniqueness that does not exist in other e-commerce.In fact, some products that are not found in most large e-commerce, can be ordered through a special request.
“We specifically chose the best and unique products that are needed by the buyer, if the product does not exist on our site, the process can also be a special request we present,” said Andrew.
In contrast to what was done by the startup Performance Pay, CEO, Deny Rahardjo explained that every product offered on the service has gone through a rigorous screening to ensure no similar products.
“To make sure there are no sellers that provide the same products we do strict screening process.We want buyers to comfortably find different products from different sellers instead of just one. ”
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Opening the Outer SME opportunities
Discuss the potential of e-commerce niche, also can not be separated from the utilization of SME products originating from outside Java.Because the location is quite far away, the Outer SMEs tend to be more difficult touchable buying and selling online.In fact, not a few of these SMEs are able to produce quality products with unique participants.
“We see many artisans who live outside the island of Java to produce products made in Indonesia were nice quality, but among them are still reluctant to create more product and quite ‘happy’ to be a seller ‘average’ without the motivation to make the product more,” said CMO Heritage.id Muhammad Taufiq.
So with a little creativity to think of a more specific target market, we can set up business e-commerce niche with promising potential.How interested in developing it?


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