7 Celebrities Who Ever Helps Fans Apply Lover

SMKN 1 Slahung
Jakarta- romantically proposed to be the dream of many women.The men were trying to make it happen in a special way so that the happy moments more memorable.One way is to express a desire to marry in front of a celebrity, especially if the girlfriend idolized.The celebrities that most musicians was frequently volunteered to help the application process.Here are seven celebrities who have been involved in a marriage proposal:
Adele concert indeed be the right place to apply for a lover.Moreover, the singer is known to have a melodious voice, lilting song, and often lyrical romantic.When her concert in Copenhagen, he invited his fans named André Söderberg proposed by the lover Simon Carlsson on stage.
Looking at it, Adele felt touched.”That’s amazing, I want to cry,” said Adele.
Beyonce also help a proposed fans when the concert took place.Interestingly, the proposal was made after Beyonce sang Single Ladies are one of the lyrics reads, ‘If you like it, you should put a ring on it “.Post chant, Beyoncé took to the stage and helped the man propose to his girlfriend.
Lady Gaga
Most applications that involve celebrities is happening at concerts.Lady Gaga has also been helping his friend Jay to propose to his girlfriend on stage.”I just wanted to do something special tonight for Jay. I’m not sure Jay, but I think Sean wanted to say something, ask you something?”Lady Gaga said before invited his friend proposed.
Ed Sheeran
Ed also been doing similar things.Like friends the other musicians he invited a fan on stage proposed.Fans are invited to forward to ask his girlfriend to become his wife with lyrics Ed titled Thinking Out Loud.After that, Ed looks quite touched.
One Direction
The moment of application lovers also was caught in a One Direction concert.Moreover, the chance of ‘guided’ by Harry Styles that do allow Bradley melamar his girlfriend.Suddenly, it was greeted by the cheers of other Directioners who feel passionately and moved.
Celine Dion
Photo: InstagramIn contrast again with Celine Dion.Did not help a fan propose at the concert, he would do so when the show meet and greet.Celine did not even know if the mat will be applying for a moment so he looks very surprised.
Gary Barlow
Suddenly called to the stage with a lover certainly surprising.It was also felt by a woman named Tracy when John proposed to his girlfriend in a music show Gary Barlow.Is certainly very special moment because Gary sang A Million Love Song during the application process.(ami / ami)


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