Besides Rose, 4 Flowers It Could Be a Valentine Gift Options

SMKN 1 Slahung
Jakarta- Flowers can be an expression of your love for the beloved special days, such as Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day which falls every 14th February.Not only with a series of roses, there are few options other flowers to express your affection.
Plans to give flowers to someone special on Valentine’s Day, but want to find alternatives to roses?
Not only with roses, there are some types of flowers that could be an option for a Valentine’s gift.Supreme Harwijaya and his wife, Nova Hernandez, owner of Flowers Florist & Decor Centers, recommends four this interest:
1. Lili White
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Nova disclosed, the white lily is the second best-selling flowers after roses Valentine’s Day.Sacred white color can symbolize a love affair.”Even though it smelled too strong, lilies still the favorite,” Agung said when met at his shop in the area Wolipop Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, recently.
2. Carnation
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Carnationor carnations smelled soft.Its tiny suitable for making bouquets’wild arrangement’which later was becoming a trend.”The performance(wildarrangement)-lookmessyor untidy, as if freshly picked flowers from the garden,” said Nova.
3. Chrysanthemum
Photo: Thinkstock
Apart from the apparently beautiful, chrysanthemums, Nova said, has the connotation of a less luxurious.The surplus, the interest that this one can last a long time, symbolizing the eternity of love for a lover.
4. Orchids
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With a touch of sweet decor, orchids can be a Valentine’s gift option for lovers.However, orchids need special care.”Usually, men who love this flower lover knows that smart cared anything, including love,” said Nova.(DTG / DTG)


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