Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the late Kim Jong Il, North Korea Holds Cooking Competition

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Jakarta- The figure of Kim Jong Il continues to be remembered though is dead.In the framework of the 75th anniversary, North Korea’s degree of competition cook for 3 days.
The birth of Kim Jong Il on February 16 is celebrated as a national holiday in North Korea.The special day even named “Shining Star Day.”Not much different from the birth of his son, Kim Jong Un called “Day of the Sun” in April.
North Korea held a series acarapun to commemorate the birth of Kim Jong Il.One of them is a national cooking competition on February 7 to 9, 2017. The competition was attended by more than 300 participants.
Photo: Express
Reportedly International Business Times (10/2), this information is obtained from Reuters that receive video from North Korea’s official news agency, KCNA.Unfortunately, the Reuters could not verify the authenticity of the video content independently.
“I’ve followed the cooking competition this several times, but I learn new things every time to participate. This time I serve soup meat balls pheasants. Poultry meat is good for health and taste sweet,” said Pak Hye Ok, one of the participants.
Photo: Express
According to Pak, pheasant meat processing does not need much seasoning.He said, “Nothing can beat the taste of pheasant meat fresh if seasoned salt with a fitting.”
There is also a female bartender who show action.In the video he is seen churning blue drinks.Complete with cherry, pineapple chunks and cocktail umbrella drinks were finished decorating.
Kim Yong-il, one of the researchers of Korean Association of Cooks which jury said cooking competition like this helps promote Pyongyang cuisine.As this year is the 7th year the implementation of the North Korean national cooking competition.
Photo: Express
“With the cooking competition, we can demonstrate high standards of ability ripe North Koreans were high and the effort they make this dish with the original recipe. I think this could be a significant momentum and means to improve the diet of our citizens,” said Kim Yong-il.
Earlier in April last year a similar cooking competition drew sharp criticism.Because the cooking competition, which was held to commemorate the anniversary of Kim Jong Un are caused scarcity of food that makes some North Koreans starved.
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