Hormones Work peek on Valentine’s Day

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Jakarta- Not long ago, scientists discovered a new breakthrough to evoke romantic sensation in people with psychiatric problems.They inject kisspeptin, which according to its function can also be referred to as hormone kiss.
Hormones that are naturally present in the human body is able to arouse sexual desire, and believed would be a solution to overcome infertility problems related to psychological factors.Prof Waljit Dhillo ofImperial College Londonwho studied this hormone injection mengibaratkannya as’mental Viagra’.
Romantic smelly things did not get out of the hormones.Not only in sexual matters, hormones are also involved when one falls in love.Pounding sensation every time someone is in love, for example, is the influence of the active adrenaline.The same hormone is also actively stimulate the heart when one is extreme and challenging activities.
Flowery sensation every time they met with the beloved was not separated from the role of dopamine, which is dubbed as the feel-good hormone.That said, the same hormone is also active when a person is under the influence of heroin and cocaine.But not one too if someone says that falling in love feels heady, something like a drug addiction.
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Of the various hormones involved when falling in love, oxytocin is arguably the most legendary to be eligible to hold the title as the love hormone.Not only on the lovers, this hormone is also produced even when a mother breastfeeding her child.Bonding or bond between mother and child woke up partly thanks to the work of oxytocin.
A variety of hormones that act when in love naturally produced by the human body, so anyone can feel the sensation normally peaceful and happy.If there are some people whose lives are full of hate, maybe they just hormone deficiency.Congratulations celebrate love and the hormones!


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