It Holds Competition outlets Pizza Ring Pizza Prize for Beloved Lamar

SMKN 1 Slahung
Jakarta- Valentine this year would like to give a special gift for a loved one?Domino England held the competition to get the pizza ring.
In addition to chocolate, Valentine apparently closely related as well with pizza.Many restaurants that serve pizza to the menu unique gift for Valentine.Previously, there has KFC with pizza on cockthen Pizza Express with Love Booth, also Kit Kat with pizza cocolan chocolate.
Now turn to Domino, one pizza store network, helped celebrate Valentine.Two years ago, Domino put out pizza shape of a heart, but this year, more attractive.Reported by (02.13.17), Domino England made Valentine’s Day competition for a unique gift that rings pizza.
Photo: DominoThe idea was inspired by the survey that says that 6% of men planning to propose to his girlfriend with food.Valentine moment also would be a good time.
The ring itself is 22-karat gold diamond-shaped pizza with toppings.Suitable for men who want to express their commitment to a beloved partner.
The competition starts on February 10 until February 14 2017.Untuk follow it, customers need to click the ‘going’ in the event ValenDineIn on FacebookOfficial Domino and commented.There are only 4 winners were chosen at random on 15 Februari.Selain ring, the winner will also get a Box of Love contain blankets pizza, deep dish pizza and jumpers.
Photo: DominoIn anticipation of the crowds of visitors on this day of love, Domino also serves pizza with more than the usual amount.Mentioned, 475,000 pizza will be prepared.
(ani / odi)


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