Kylie Jenner Open Stores in New York, Fan Queued 3 Days Previous

SMKN 1 Slahung
Jakarta- The furor going on in New York.Donald Trump is not demonstrations, but the queue to buy cosmetics Kylie Jenner at the latest cosmetics stores in New York.Some fans even have to queue up on the previous three days.
Stores in the area of ​​Soho, New York, USA was officially opened on Monday (02/13/2017).Even so, there are 12 people Kylie fans were already queuing in front of the store since Saturday.
Whereas the current weather in New York is cold-chill.They are willing to freezing to meet with Kylie and buy limited edition cosmetics brought to the cosmetic store.
All 12 people appear to avid fans of Kendall Jenner’s sister.As quoted by the People, a queuing say that she likes Kylie since watching reality Kardashian-Jenner family show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’.He was interested to learn makeup for Kylie.
They claimed to be lucky because he met Kylie day before the opening.Enthusiasts say that Kylie is very pretty and nice.
New York Young people seem to be very enthusiastic about the presence of named Kylie Shop store it.The report mentions that most who come are teenagers.
Not only teenagers, young women that the children also were in the beauty shop.On the first day of the opening of the store, there are more than two thousand people.
In addition to cosmetics, the goods are much sought after merchandise is Kylie Jenner.Many people want to buy a sweater, T-shirt with the face of Kylie.(kik / kik)


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