Positive Values ​​Can Be Taught to Children on Valentine’s Day

SMKN 1 Slahung
Jakarta- Valentine’s Day which falls on the 14th of February is synonymous with love.Well, for the children, not just the value of compassion for others that they can learn, you know.
Child psychologist from Three Generations, Saskhya Aulia Prima MPsi., Psychologists say on Valentine’s Day, it could be about to give his child a gift.If so, it is important for parents to ask these gifts to whom and why the child was about to give that gift.
Although, the meaning of Valentine’s Day is said Saskhya back again at the hem in force in a family.Well, when children want to give a gift to friends, parents can teach children to try.
“So it’s a gift he bought from the effort he had to. For example, rather than purchasing mending we encourage children to make their own craft that can be given to friends,” said in a conversation with detikHealth Saskhya.
Alternatively, when the children ask the mother to buy a gift for her, ask her to go buy the gift.Thus, the child knows no effort in getting the prize.
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“So the child not up mama aja want traded toys everywhere. He must know when to place beliin gift was quite a hassle. Especially when his son was in grade school, we budgetin aja such as Rp 20 thousand up to select which one. So not he know ya if you choose a gift with a specific budget not easy, “said Saskhya.
About the value of love when Valentine, parents can discuss it with the child.Take, for example, she can invite children to talk according to their dear father or his mother.At that time, the child can answer his father’s affection for her mother because the mother would often take off.
Or conversely, children feel the mother’s affection for his father as often cook for him.By doing so, parents can instill values ​​in children that love does not have to be disclosed in the form of a gift of chocolate or certain goods.
“And surely we can teach that express affection is not only on February 14 only. Because every day is also right is full of love. Although, once again the meaning of Valentine’s Day back to the values ​​that exist in this family,” said Saskhya ,


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