Stress Awaiting Election Results? This suggestion Physicians Life

SMKN 1 Slahung
Jakarta- Regional Head Election (Election) simultaneously for 101 regions in Indonesia do today.Doctors soul has a special message for the results of the elections do not interfere with mental health.
It said Dr. Andrew SpKJ of Psychosomatic Clinic Omni Hospital Alam Sutera, losing to winning the election is not unusual.Do not let the defeat or victory of candidates who we support to create a brotherhood and friendship with fellow stretchable.Likewise in the city election, 2017, which is the result of the rapid count quite stressful.
“Actually, if we believe in the will of God Almighty, then whoever wins the elections then we must accept it with an open heart,” said Dr. Andrew told detikHealth.
“Do not let this election ruin our friendship and brotherhood because somehow after the election is finished we will go back to their own lives,” he added.
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It said Dr. Andri, he saw how the heat of social media ahead of elections.Teased each other and deny each carried by each supporting candidates.
As a result, friendships stretched and even interrupted.It said Dr. Andri, people spend too much energy at the moment of the elections this time.
To that once again he reminded that public support for each candidate can accept election results positively and gracefully.Avoid suggestive remarks and accusations a provocation because it will only hurt yourself.
“It all started from our perception, all starting from our own mind. If in our minds a lot of positive things then our behavior will be positive. For that fill our minds with good news. Do not most nelan Hoax,” he concluded.


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