Use Bright Pink Lipstick, Sylviana: Let Looks Fresh

SMKN 1 Slahung
Jakarta- Sylviana Murni using a red lipstick pink right on the day of voting Jakarta Gubernatorial Election.It was to make the face look bright.
Observation in the field, on Wednesday (15/02/2017) Sylviana who uses batik shirt ondel-ondel Betawi motif with blue veil looks pretty.The look on his face more sweet with thin powder makeup and bright pink lipstick.
“I know from yesterday’s always doing activities for 24, it would make to achieve. So today I use this color lipstick, to look brighter,” said Sylviana usai around to polling stations around the house on Thursday (02/15/2017).
Sylviana claimed from the first love bright lipstick shades.So that these colors can create an impression of fresh air for her.
“Imagine if we use less bright color, then that is not brought fresh vigor, but even limp. If it looks so fresh right now,” he added
Sylvi admitted fresh makeup look is done alone.Even at a time he was arranging makeup in the car.
“This alone, even sometimes I dressed up in the car,” he concluded.
Previous scolds sapa Sylvi leveled for around four polling stations around the house.Neighbors also provide support and support to Sylvi.
“Mother succeed so hopefully win one round,” said neighbors around the house.
Not a few are also people who asked for a photo with the couple’s number one Cawagub of it.Sylvi presence around polling stations as well to monitor the voting process.
(ed / asf)


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