7 Reasons Why You Lucky If Have Pair A blogger

If your partner has a cool profession will certainly make you feel proud and lucky.For example, doctors, architects, pilots, soldiers, businessmen, artists, etc.
But what if your spouse is a blogger?ngenes what a lucky?
As a blogger who has been blogging for more than 6 years, I think you are the most fortunate people in the world if you have a couple of bloggers.
Below are the reasons:
1. He will be faithful partner
The most makes you lucky to have a partner blogger is he will be loyal with you.Chances are he’s having an affair is 0.01%.
There are many things that make a blogger had been unfaithful to his partner properties.The main reason is because most bloggers prefer to spend time to take care of their blogs than anything else.
To just get together with his friend alone rarely let alone taking the time to nyari affair.
But even then, if you have a couple of bloggers do not have to worry about it later rarely noticed.He will remain the same attention you.
2. He was very considerate
Perhaps many consider if a blogger is less concern with their partner because they are more concerned with his own blog.I think that such an assumption is not entirely correct.
If a blogger is already committed to a relationship with someone, I’m sure he will try wholeheartedly to give more attention to their partner.
3. He is intelligent and creative
Blogger is a profession that requires a person to be able to think intelligently and creatively.
Starting from the look for article ideas, stringing words that became an article, promote the blog, through technical things about blogs all require intelligent and creative thinking.
Well if your partner is a blogger, then surely he is the most intelligent and creative people you’ll ever meet.
4. He was a patient
In addition to intelligent and creative thinking, being a blogger also requires patience.
To manage blogs to be able to get a lot of visitors and can make money from a blogrequires a long process.
Accustomed as I’m sure he’s patient will also undergo a patient in a relationship with you.
5. He did not clueless and always up-to-date
Blogger is a profession related to the world of technology and the Internet.That’s why a blogger would be more tech-savvy than people in general.
Besides a blogger will always be up-to-date with the latest information because as we all know the internet is the most comprehensive information dissemination.
6. He will always be there when you need a
For this one only applies if your spouse is a full-time blogger or bloggers who do not have another job besides blogging.
He will always be there when you are in need because he is not bound by time.
He is the boss it yourself, willing to work anytime and break anytime nothing against it.
7. He is romantic and not boring
A blogger used to write articles of interest in order to please the reader blog.That makes him a romantic person and not boring.
Her ability to string words will make you feel at home when chatting or talking to him.He will never run out of ideas for your stay can be enjoyable.
Those are some things that I need to make you feel lucky to have a partner blogger.
The things above only applies if your partner is not true blogger fake bloggers who like copy paste the article without permission.
Now, if for example you are a blogger couple fake, it means you are the most ngenes in the world.ha ha ha ha…..


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