Genetic Known For Someone Could Be Afraid of Mathematics

Jakarta- When dealing with mathematical problems, someone could have been hit by a cold sweat feeling excessive anxiety.It happened because experts say the body release stress hormone cortisol that can to trigger a physical response.
But why math actually can make the body release stress hormones?Well a recent study conducted by researchers at King’s College London calls for the possibility for genetic influences.
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The researchers learned that after looking at the data from 1,400 twins aged 19-21 years.After considering factors such as the experience of life, peers, and extracurricular activities can see that genetic researchers are also responsible for the sense of anxiety.
Published in the journal Scientific Reports, one of the researchers Margherita Malanchini explained that with already known to have a genetic predisposition, the future may be sought intervention measures.
“Finding genes that are specific for anxiety (math ed) can help identify children who are most at risk early in life. With so may be intervened and prevented the anxiety does not develop later in a different context,” Margherita said as quoted by EurekAlert press release, Wednesday (22/02/2017).
Researchers in another study said the fear of mathematics this could actually be a positive thing.When anxiety is combined with high motivation, a child it can obtain good results when faced with a math problem.
“Our findings indicate a negative association between anxiety toward mathematics with math learning ability is not universal … Motivation can be an important protector against the negative impact of math anxiety,” write the researchers.


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