Antonius Bong ~ Establish Diverse Business To Work Through Ecommerce

True entrepreneurial spirit may be addressed to the figure of entrepreneur named Anthony Bong (Antonius) on this one.How not, diverse business of packaging business, cafe, up to a game studio he had done.Interestingly variety of businesses that do this Antonius in just 10 years.Stop here?Of course not, after a success with businesses before but Antonius still move on and explore other business.
Yes, currently pioneering digital business (startup) is emerging, Antonius was also interested to go try their luck with establishing #toko onlinespecial fashion women how did the gait Antonius Bong to develop this?Here’s his review.
Focus Develop
When ecommerce founded in 2014, Bong Antonius took his friends as Sam Tanuwidjaja, Indra Gunawan and Wenas.Male graduates in Melbourne, Australia is indeed very interested in the business world.Although it has had some business, but he could work around this by surrendering his efforts on professionals.
When he was handed another business in a professional so he can focus on working on field #ecommercefashion, especially women’s fashion is thought to have a significant opportunity for growth is high.In targeting its target market, Antonius targeting the mass market with a slogan ‘All Can Be Beautiful’.
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As mentioned before aparrel sell various fashion products for ladies.Products in itself is a local product that has a price competitive with a price range between Rp 70 thousand to Rp 180 thousand.Although local product, but the product quality remains the best presented for export only selected already.
In addition to export quality, the model of the products is cultivated always up-to-date.With strict quality control, the return rate on almost touching zero.And with a focus on a target mass market then he has been able to create a separate market, because most ecommerce fashion targeting the upscale market.
Antonius Trick Me Bong-manage Business
In carrying itself, besides assisted by three colleagues earlier, Antonius Bong also supported by 7 people experienced in the field of merchandising.From then on there total employees reached 60 people.For day-to-day, every day, the team conducting an evaluation to determine which products are most in demand and which are less desirable.To be able to attract many customers, Antonius then no charge or eliminate postage products throughout Indonesia.
Postage acquisition strategy itself is not without reason.Because Antonius believes this strategy will be able to attract many buyers.When buyers have been happy and satisfied because it is not burdened with postage, then customers will tell it to friends and relatives to recommend products.
Although the shipping cost in Indonesia is high but because customers predominantly from Java then Antonius could save costs.Liberation postage alone would take place could be longer or shorter, depending on the development of its business later.
Promotion and Marketing to introduce to a wider public, team then execute digital marketing and offline marketing.Offline marketing run Antonius own tangible community building.In addition Antonius offline marketing done by way of a show in a large office building.In the exhibition itself Antonius will introduce technical and also purchase products on the web. marketing strength even stronger when Antonius also endorse the figure of celebrities for its products.While #pemasaran online(online marketing) do Antonius using social media facilities. marketing itself as well adapted to the quality of the product, if the product sudan has a great name and he did not need to spend huge marketing costs.
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Prioritizing Pula Factor
So that its products are widely liked the people, Antony said that he is prioritizing R & D also matters this.To get the best product, who was born January 20, 1984 was later admitted to be very selective in choosing suppliers and tailors.In development alone now Antonius Bong has five garment factories cooperate with it.


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