Kavita Shukla ~ Inventor Freshpaper, Technology Simplified Anti Decay Fruit And Vegetables

Facts reveal that, utilization of food by the world community is still far from effective.There are still a lot of food that is wasted due to various reasons in all parts of the world.
Is then underlying a young girl of Indian descent named Kavita Shukla develop a #teknologisimple that can help us to maintain the main food ingredient fruit or vegetable is much longer.Freshpaper named this technology, like ordinary paper but has tremendous benefits, in that it is able to preserve fresh foods without using additional devices.
What is unique is, the beginning of what could develop the technology Kavita Freshpaper, it comes from a very simple thing.Want to know the full story?Here are reviews that you can refer to.
Idea to Make Freshpaper
At the time was 12 years old, Kavita Shukla who live in the United States had visited his grandmother who was in India.Back to the birthplace of the country, it turns out it brings simple ideas that eventually led to the tremendous success Kavita.
At that time, when in the grandmother’s house, he was ordered not to drink other than mineral water.As is known, in the Indian state of health drinks not so good.There are still many people who even consume river water directly although it has a high risk of health problems is high.
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Unfortunately at the moment, Kavita see the grandmother brought a drink that looked very fresh.The brownish colored beverage was accidentally left behind at grandma near Kavita.Without thinking, Kavita then drink it.
And Kavita were not experiencing stomach pain after drinking the mixture.Gradually it is known that, drinks brought the grandmother is a special mixture of tea compounds were added some special spices.The spice is believed to be antimicrobial and anti-fungal decay which is beneficial to the human body.
Start Developing Freshpaper
From there, he thought, was quite a lot of spices in India which can be used as a material capable of inhibiting decay.At the same time, Kavita see conditions in the surrounding environment in the US very often waste nonperishable food on the grounds.It would be an irony when in different parts of the world, there are many people who struggle to get groceries.
With the provision of money of 300 dollars he had, Kavita started developing a technology based on a blend of spices that he’d try when visiting her grandmother in India.The herb is combined with the paper, which then creates a product Freshpaper.
Simply put, Freshpaper a paper that can be used to inhibit spoilage of fruit or vegetable that has a longer durability.In addition, a paper that looks like tissue paper in general, can be reused once used to wrap or store certain foods.
World Food Problem Solution
From the data gathered in the 2014 National Geographic mention that one third of food produced for human use in the whole world, was not used alias wasted.And the biggest problem underlying these facts are, they still lack the preservation technology or cooling device availability of food in some areas.
Even for a large country like the United States, food utilization problems effectively is also still visible.Many families with low to middle income, living expenses actually spend more because they can not take advantage of groceries to the maximum.This then becomes the attention Kavita.He thinks if Freshpaper can be widely introduced, it is not likely this little problem can be resolved.
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Until now Freshpaper products already on sale throughout America and even to 30 different countries.Freshpaper product sales can be fairly high.Until 2015 last Freshpaper sales in one of the online shopping sites #Amazoneven have reached hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The dream to be achieved Kavita Shukla could certainly be an inspiration to us all that sometimes in order to achieve success, we must do more to look down and lifted up the desire to help others.


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