Restu Anggraini ~ Successful Run a Fashion Business Muslim RA and ETU with the spirit of self-reliance

Fashion business today is very lively and exciting.With the ever increasing market ebsar, of course, makes a lot of people itching to get to try his luck in this fashion business.One figure businessman who also tried his luck in the fashion business are Restu Anggraini.
Starting from the need to find clothes that fit her character, Restu interested plunge as a player in the fashion business.Coupled with a passion for designing clothes, making Restu more loving and steady to run a fashion business.Not only self-taught, the seriousness of the blessing treading fashion business done with school science pattern Pale Art Studio and at Esmod.
The result of design work Restu labeled labels RA by Restu Anggraini and ETU have been successful pitch to the international world.So how did the story of the pioneering efforts Restu Anggraini RA and ETU this fashion?Here’s his review.
Beginning of Enterprises Restu Anggraini
When the college in 2009 Restu Anggraini run an online clothing business with an initial capital of Rp 3 million with two friends.Although the mere trial and error, Restu when it did not want to play in making the product.He and his producing hijab with best quality stitching.The results are products with market responded quite well.
Although the first buyers only from relatives and friends, but the product was then immediately discharged hired.Because the first hijab market is still small, then Restu then decided to create a market or market themselves.
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Expanding Marketing
After receiving the response was quite good, Restu become more confident.So without any waiting time Restu expanded marketing through Hijabers by joining the Community.Label or brand began to be made.Initially he named products with the name of Mainland Heritage.Restu of this brand continues to struggle memperkenalkankan to the wider community.
Not in vain, the product finally be accepted by the fashionistas.From here Restu became more confident and confidence to keep moving despite his two friends then no longer be able to continue to work because they have to move out of town.
Without a partner and business associate, Restu would not despair.Women born March 18, 1987 continues menggeber product marketing.After running marketing via #Facebookand blogs, when it also penetrated Restu Instagram and website.In addition to online marketing, online marketing Restu also run by showing his designs in his shop at fX Sudirman.Solicit business partners spread in Yogyakarta, Purwokerto and Surabaya also be a way to expand the marketing with offline systems.
Constraints to Business Fashion
In business this fashion, Restu Anggraini find obstacles in the HR (Human Resources).He said because there is still a long time to run a business, he finally had to handle and fix these problems one by one with the human resources alone.Every problem must confess Restu directly into their own hands to handle.Moreover, of the family tree that does not have basic business makes Restu have to run all business affairs alone.
Starting from making workshop until he did his own convection while you learn.In the course of its business, Restu also had experienced problems running out of capital.However, although often face constraints and have to face it alone, Restu admitted to not despair and continue to learn to chase the target.Discipline and careful planning into strategy Restu own to solve the problem.
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Idea For Business Deadly Fashion
In doing business in the fashion world by a woman who had a career in event management company in 2010, or ideas are the lifeblood of their business.Why is that?Because the world #bisnis fashionis always changing trends make it must be very clever to find ideas or new design ideas in order to continue to exist and compete with competitors.
With the support of 30 employees in a day Restu Anggraini could produce some 100 pieces of clothing.Meanwhile, in a month he thought he could sell about 1,000 pieces at a price of Rp 200-400 thousand.In the event the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2015 held last March 17, Restu Anggraini itself capable of stunning the audience and attracted several manufacturers and designers from abroad.


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