Experts said Problem Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Jakarta- Cancer is the most deadly diseases in the world, including Indonesia.These diseases cost of treatment in an amount that can be said is not cheap.One of them is the kind of breast cancer.
According to the chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation, Prof.DR.dr.Aru Wisaksono Sudoyo, SpPD, K-HOM, only 5-10 percent risk of inherited through family history or genetic factors, but not the main risk factors for cancer.The remaining 90 percent of the environmental factors.
“If transmitted certainly not, lowered yes, about 5 to 10 percent. This means that a mother or a woman who has breast cancer is likely carry the gene instruction or breast cancer to the next,” said Professor Aru a Press Conference YKI Family Funwalk 2017 together Wardah Cosmetics in commemorate World Cancer Day under the theme “We Can.I Can ‘, Jakarta, Sunday (02/26/2017).
“So now that mothers who breastfeed their babies up to 2 years, the chances of developing breast cancer will be small,” said Prof Aru.
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Prof Aru also added that there are several factors or circumstances for someone over the potential of developing this deadly disease alias there are risk factors that can not be changed, among them was a woman, menstruation under the age of 12 years, those who never breast-feeding, and the use of hormone drugs a kind of birth control pills.
In addition, according to Prof. Aru there is also a risk factor that can be changed through willpower alone as not smoking, exercising regularly, maintaining body weight so as not obese, stay away from fatty foods and familiarize consumption of fibrous foods, such as colored fruits and vegetables.


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