Starting from Taxable Loss, kid’s So ‘Hobby’ Walking

Jakarta- Jams never felt this boy named Taniella Lie.Who would have thought, that unpleasant experience made Taniella more concerned about the environment.He also became more frequent walk or ride a bike to go somewhere.
Well, recently Taniella successfully awarded ‘Eco Friend Prize’ in the painting competition organized by PT KAO.Paintings drawn Taniella tell a family that went along with the cycling.
“The aim is that to go somewhere to ride a bike. Not by car or motorcycle to not spend fuel and healthy as well,” said Taniella when met detikHealth in a Press Launch Kao Indonesia ‘Eco Together’ at Hotel Borodubur, Jalan Lapangan Banteng Selatan, Central Jakarta, Saturday (25/02/2017).
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In addition, girls who are now sitting in the class 1 SMP is to say, with cycling pollution can also be reduced.Because he felt, the more pollution in Jakarta along with increasing vehicle.
Then, Taniella not just stay quiet.It performs real actions, such as walking or riding a bike when going to a place close to his home.”Going to a place close do not need to ride a motorcycle or a car,” added the girl is flawless in this oriental.
“I came home from school on foot as well, yes there are approximately 1.5 km. Love ngajakin friends home together and do not litter as well as for the environment dear,” said Taniella.
Meanwhile, in addition to Taniella four children of Indonesia who received the same award.As for the ‘Kao Prize’ was won by Arielle Suliandy Viola (12).Therefore, Viola had the opportunity to go to Tokyo, Japan for 4 days and 3 nights.
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In this event, PT Kao Indonesia also announced a partnership with Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) to encourage children Indonesia care about the environment and health.
“KAO Indonesia realizes the importance of health education to the young generation of Indonesia. In this program, we will teach children how to maintain personal hygiene with modules prepared by KAO Japan,” said Pratomo Prijambodo Aritedjo, Human Capital Development Senior Manager of PT Kao Indonesia.
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