The story of Mary and irritation at the Empty Trash People Gratuitous

Jakarta- removal of litter are still few.Well, this is what often makes the behavior of a girl named Maria Mari Baloch (14) upset.
Maria admits that they often see people littering.For example while in school and saw her throw litter.Not infrequently, it also made her upset.
“So if it breaks the pocket and they like to throw litter. Though no trash cans near them,” said Mary unto detikHealth in a Press Launch Kao Indonesia ‘Eco Together’ at Hotel Borodubur, Jalan Lapangan Banteng Selatan, Central Jakarta, Saturday ( 25.02.2017).
He also criticized the person by reciting satire.For example ‘I think the trash cans near deh, why not litter’.Unfortunately, his friends ignored the greeting of Mary.
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Maria is one of the participants of the international level painting contest initiated by PT KAO.His work did he make for motivated experience to see people make a litter.
“So I wrote the same confused person, right there trash cans and it was closer. But they actually dispose of lacquer carelessly as to time,” said the girl who went to school in SMPK 3 Sower Jakarta.
In addition, he also showed love for the environment by following the extra curricular science club.At the club, Maria and other members invited to plant hydroponic plants.


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