A little motion Only, Women’s Can Suddenly Seizures and Kaku

Jakarta- Antoinette Acosta From the outside it looks like women in general.But in fact there is something wrong with his body.He even earned the nickname ‘living sculpture’.
Antoinette was born with this condition.Roughly only around the year 2009, Antoinette anomalies on him.Starting with balance disorders and tremors unknown trigger, so he often fell without cause.
“Once upon a time I riches toothbrush then next thing I knew the position of my hands trying to insert a toothbrush into the throat, or while eating my jaw suddenly locked,” Gomez said.
Antoinette also been accidentally biting her cheek to bleed.Even convulsive seizures is not unusual.Such chest has a seizure, then it will automatically Antoinette hard to breathe.Or when the vocal cords twitching, slurred speech sound like it’s often mistaken for being drunk.
Not infrequently Antoinette admitted participating stiff head so it felt very heavy and consequently he could not look to the right or left.
“People thought I was fine but I had to fight to live their daily lives. Not only for work or shopping, to shower alone is difficult because when my arms were raised, this alone can lead to seizures,” he continued.
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Initially he was suspected of suffering from Lyme disease or Guillian-Barre syndrome, but the negative test results.After suffering many years, Antoinette finally found a bright spot when it was referred to a medical specialist in 2014.
When he saw Antoinette, the doctor noted symptoms in women aged 47 years was similar to Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS).After which he was asked to undergo a blood test.
Antoinette would not bother, but a friend try to check on the internet.Turns SPS symptoms are similar to those seen in Antoinette.
As the name implies, the muscles in the patient’s body SPS can suddenly stiffened uncontrollably and become rigid.
Not him his blood test results positively stated that she suffered from SPS.And then the mother of two children recently moved to Tennessee and middle adjust.
Because not know very well with his new residence, he was also concerned there was no doctor who can treat him.Luckily for Antoinette, a local doctor admitted to treating patients with similar conditions.
SPS So far there is no cure.There is a possibility Antoinette conditions alleviated by two procedures: stem cell transplantation or plasmapheresis, a procedure in which blood plasma is replaced in order to stop the body’s antibodies attack the cells that are still healthy.
For a while, he was given prescription drugs such as Valium sober, at least to relieve the symptoms while waiting for the holding of an experiment to find the treatment of SPS.
Antoinette must now seek to familiarize himself, although he was no longer able to work.Let alone to work, even make a living hard so that his weight dropped dramatically in just six months, as well as his memory.


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