Tell Mom Unique Ways Pregnancy: Posting Announcements ‘Eviction’

Georgia- Various ways you can do a couple (couples) to tell the news of her pregnancy.Including that carried the pair to make an announcement that seemed to come from the management of the shopping center.
Is a couple named Aaron Horton and Sharana who has a daughter aged 14 months.The boy named Summer Rayne.Well, this time, Sharana pregnant 14 weeks.From the results of ultrasound known Sharana was carrying a baby boy.
In the photos uploaded to the account instagramnya, @ rainydae91, Sharana perform a unique way to tell the news of her pregnancy.In the photo, he wrote a paper on the edge of the box containing the announcement of Summer.
‘Notifications’ eviction’. Please note, your status as an only child will expire within the next 18 weeks. It is expected that you can vacate the premises because the new tennant will come on June 25, 2017. Thank you. Management aka Mom and Dad, “said written on the paper.
To BuzzFeed, Sharana said the idea came when he was cleared Summer room that will be shared with his brother.In the photo, little Summer seemed to cry.Sharana describes her daughter crying because his father took the pizza he was eating at the time.
“He likes to eat and really like the pizza crunchy. When she cried, I then mengembalikkan his pizza,” said Sharana.
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Since uploaded on February 22, this photo’ve got like 15 thousand netizens.The majority of netizens feel comforted by the announcement.Many of them also congratulate and wish the best for the family.
In children, jealousy can experience when they know the mother was pregnant with her sister.Child and adolescent psychologist Ratih Zulhaqqi, M.Psi, psychologists say the children, the most frequent question arises as to whether the mother or father would turn out to be no pity on him when the brother appeared.
Feelings like envy, jealousy, and fear unmatched in the attention and affection, could also emerge as a form of rejection or sister against sister.So naturally if her sister would feel excluded.
“It can be minimized if the father or mother keeps trying to balance in the attention and affection to your baby. When the sister was born, try the family attention is not only focused on the newborns, but instead attention sister had to stay there and not change, so he will not feel that brother is his rival, “said the woman who practices in RaQQi – Human Development & Learning Centre, Tebet, South Jakarta.


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