Tips to Prevent Joint Pain Due to Too Old Stand

Jakarta- Standing too long can overload the joints and causes pain in that section.There are easy ways you can do to prevent it, if it is forced to stand for long.
Some types of work such as a front officer is not always possible to frequently sit.In certain conditions like being on public transport at rush hour, standing for long periods also sometimes unavoidable.
“Do knee bend, bend one knee, so that the spine to relax. Do it for 10 seconds, then turns to the other knee,” advises health practitioner Dr. Ade Tobing, SpKO in a media briefing at the Office of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (02/03/2017).
If possible, use a step stool or low chair to put one foot in turn.In addition, keep the posture that does not bend as it will make the joints, especially in the spine increasingly burdened.
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Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) 2013 mentions about 25 percent of Indonesia had experienced joint problems.In people with a sedentary lifestyle or lack of movement, the causes include incorrect posture when sitting and standing.
While the people who are active, joint pain can occur as a result of lifting weights that are too heavy.Using high heels or high heels can also cause joint pain, as well as play in body jerking.


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