110 People Died of Starvation and diarrhea in Somalia

Migadishu- The drought that hit Somalia casualties.About 110 people died in two days of hunger and diarrhea.
The Prime Minister of Somalia, Ali Hassan Khaire, said the drought affected the whole sector, including livestock and agriculture.The lack of supply of food to make people hungry.
On the other hand, the drought also makes wells, rivers and springs to dry.This makes people lack clean water supply, which leads to poor sanitation and the emergence of diarrheal diseases.
“The death of 110 people in the last 48 hours is certainly a serious issue. The government will do its best and ask people to help each other Somali communities in need,” said Hassan, told Reuters.
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Somalia has experienced a similar disaster in 2011, in which 260,000 people died of starvation.UNICEF predicts that the current drought could have an impact worse and the risk of causing 270,000 children severely malnourished.
War in that country also exacerbate the burden on society.Somalia today must fight against pirates and terrorist attack al Shabaab, al Qaeda terrorist network.
In Indonesia, hunger makes a grandmother in Jember forced to consume weeds.This makes the grandmother who called Mrs. Rich the risk of various diseases.
Reported earlier, in order to quickly digested, Mrs. Rich mengulek advance the grass before it is eaten.The results of the mortar was he regarded as herbal medicine.Luckily, until now bu Rich did not have any complaints.
According to Dr. Dr. Ari Fahrial, SpPD-KGEH, MMB from Cipto Mangunkusumo, eating grass as well as eating fiber.But then the problem is hygiene or cleanliness of grass consumed, considering the grandmother took the weeds growing in his backyard.
“Just like cassava, papaya or spinach that’s also grown in the ground, but it is well prepared, so it is safe to eat,” said digestive consultant who is also a lecturer of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.


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