Nudge Faces Opponent, Ibrahimovic penalty Threatened Weight

Action elbow face opponents who do Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still so controversial.The Manchester United striker was caught on camera elbowing youngdefenderAFC Bournemouth, Tyron Mings.As a result, Ibrahimovic threatened with severe punishment.
Actionbombertall Swedish happens when Manchester United were held by Bournemouth 1-1, in a match week of the 27 Premier League at Old Trafford on Saturday, March 4, 2017 GMT.
At that time, Ibrahimovic was highlighted several times had struggled with Mings camera.Before the incident occurred, Ibrahimovic also was caught on camera slamming Mings in the first half.
Then, dig Ibrahimovic incident occurred about 10 minutes before the game the first half ended.Welcoming the ball for a corner, Ibrahimovic’s elbow landed badly on the face Mings.As a result, Mings was lying and had received medical treatment.
Nevertheless, the fact Ibrahimovic did not accept the judgment of the referee in the game.Ex attacker Paris Saint-Germain have said he did not intentionally do the dig.He asserted that when such events because it does to protect itself.
Mings also not concerned about it.The 23-year-old admitted that while doing a jump face it toward the elbow Ibrahimovic.
Reported by theIndependent,as a result of this action is fairly rough Ibrahimovic threatened with severe punishment.Ibrahimovic threatened sanctions ban appeared in three games ahead.Although, until recently the English Football Association (FA) has not yet issued an attitude about the incident.


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