Really Eat Food Every Day the Same Powerful Lose Weight?

Jakarta- In order to lose weight, there are several ways that often do.Well, is it true if one way is to eat the same food every day?
According to nutrition experts as well the founder of ‘YES!Nutrition ‘, Tori Schmitt, RDN, this practice should not be done because it makes you become bored quickly.When bored, worried you will be easily switched on unhealthy foods such as junk food as a venue for ‘revenge’.
“Many people believe that eating healthy food is the same every day is the best. And this fact is not necessarily so,” said Schmitt, as quoted from the Women’s Health Mag.
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According to Schmitt, when you eat food with the same menu every day then the brain will eventually get used to and bored.Over time, these foods will seem less tempting.This can lead to the desire to eat other foods.
“This desire will continue to increase, so you end up eating the desired food, especially junk food. In addition to looking for a different flavor, sometimes this can be an ‘revenge’. If left unchecked, this could affect the stability of the weight,” Schmitt added.
In addition to boredom and tastes, eating food that’s it’s also possible to make your lack of certain nutrients.Schmitt explained, basically every food has a blend of different nutrients.Therefore, you actually need a variety of different foods every day that a complete nutritional intake.
“If you still want to eat the same menu every day, you’ll want to add other nutritional supplements. For example you want to eat oatmeal, then you can add nuts or fruit on a daily basis,” Schmitt message.


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