Bayern Partying on Arsenal

Arsenal crashed out of the Champions League, with the return 1-5 defeat of Bayern Munich in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 on Wednesday morning March 8, 2017. Bayern looked partying at the Emirates with an aggregate victory 10 -2.
The visitors were more dominated possession, within 10 minutes of the game running.Arsenal who actually need a lot of goals, it does not look longingly in the offensive.
Backlash seems to be a strategy Arsenal this morning, began to look gave the threat on Bayern in the 11th minute Alexis Sanchez in the box to provide feedback to the Bayern defense, which could be greeted by Theo Walcott.
However, the England players control the ball, that’s not good enough.He touched the ball going too fast, allowing Manuel Neuer gets the ball ahead of Walcott.Two teams then played very patiently until 10 minutes had passed.
Walcott can give the advantage on Arsenal in the 20th minute, with a goal from a narrow angle.He can pass two Bayern players to get into the penalty box, and then kick hard to conquer Neuer.
There is no longer a goal is created, until the first half ended with Arsenal a 1-0 advantage.The second half was a disaster for the Gunners, with a red card earned Laurent Koscielny, because dropping Robert Lewandowski in the penalty box in the 54th minute.
Polish striker, was performing his duties as executor of the penalty fine, the score again at 1-1 in the 55th minute to reverse the situation Arjen Robben, put Bayern ahead 2-1 with a goal in minute 68.
Robben pulled out in minute 70, and Douglas Costa, who replaced him, Bayern scored the third goal in the 78th minute to add a festive feast Vidal scored the Bundesliga giants at home to Arsenal, to add a goal in the 80th minute.
Arsenal have been left with a 9-2 aggregate, and there are still more than 10 minutes for Bayern, to continue the revelry.It took only five minutes for Vidal, for his second goal and the score turned into 5-1 or aggregate.
Bayern Arsenal added no more suffering, with the additional goal until the game ends.However, again lost 1-5 is obviously a hard blow for Arsene Wenger


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