Less intake of Vitamin K Can Trigger Stroke in Infants

Jakarta- Stroke is not only attacked people over the age of midlife.Young people can experience it, even on specific conditions of stroke is also found in infants.
“Usually the child is born crying continues, suddenly paralyzed. In the CT scan, it turns out there is bleeding in the brain,” said Dr. Dr. Wismaji Sadewo, SpBS of RS Premier Bintaro, in a discussion at The Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (16/3 / 2017).
There are many different causes of stroke in infants.One of them such as by dr Wismaji is lacking certain nutrients during pregnancy, particularly vitamin K. This happened in the case APCD (Acquired Prothrombin Complex Deficiency).
“As a result, the blood vessels become brittle, easily broken,” he said.
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Such cases, according to Dr. Wismaji occur in pregnant women who rarely checked its contents regularly.As a result children born with a condition that is difficult to detect.
“The number of actual cases of stroke in children as in adults. Only in children is ‘hidden’, said Dr. Wismaji.


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