Orion trip, boy who Deaf, Blind and Dumb for Rare Condition

Texas- The first time you see it, you know there are different with this boy.His skin was whiter, even paler than most Caucasians and his eyes are always closed.
These are all symptoms of a rare genetic condition that newly identified and named commad.So scarce, it is estimated commad patients in the world is just one of the 1 million children alone.
According to the mother, Heather, because commad, son bone is so thin that it is difficult to walk or move alone and unable to speak.Plus he was deaf and blind.
Blindness boy named Orion’s own Withrow occurs because commad affect the process of his eyes, as well as pigmentation or staining of the eyes, skin and hair.
Orion’s parents, Heather and Thomas are both deaf.But when it contains Orion, Heather had hoped that his son this time did not experience similar conditions.Moreover, of the two brother Orion: Skyler (12) and Anastasia (11), only Skyler deaf.
But the results of the scan of the baby warn them not only deaf but also blind due to a syndrome that affects their chromosomes and lead to disability since birth.
The doctor then suggested that the baby they aborted it.”We were sad when people think oh our son would later defect and it’s good we just end their lives,” said Heather toldThe Washington Postthrough a translator.
Photo: Facebook / A Mom’s Musings: Orion the Kid
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Know what will happen with their third child, both Heather and Thomas began to equip themselves with knowledge that is needed when caring for children with deafness and blindness.
But so Orion was born, Heather and Thomas fell in love with her.”Orion has snow-white hair, a smile that melted and rich laughter,” Heather wrote in his blog.
Both then seek to raise their children with what they are.His eyes were fitted with special lenses so that the socket can grow proportionally corresponded to his face.The boy who is now six years old was also fitted with cochlear implants and physical therapy classes to improve their motor function.
A recent study published in the American Journal of Human Genetics says, the child born to parents both deaf indeed at high risk for commad.
“Many of those who have a ‘nuisance’ genetic later led to the emergence of certain syndromes. When each of the deaf have this syndrome and they get married, it is likely their children will inherit a genetic mutation that became the forerunner commad,” explained researcher Dr. Brian Brooks National Eye Institute.
Commad itself is short coloboma (partial loss of tissue in the structure that forms the eye);osteoporosis (bone brittle and susceptible to fracture);microphthalmia (eyes are not fully formed or grown only slightly);macrocephaly (enlargement of the head);albinism (lack of pigment in the skin, eyes and hair);and deafness (deafness).
Orion commad also affect the body in a way that is not common.Heather said his son could not tell the difference between day and night, so that he is often awake at night.”He thought about 2am it was still light outside and he will play in the hours in which he was supposed to sleep,” he said.
To communicate with Orion, the whole family to use a special sign language that is based on touch or take advantage of nearby objects such as spoons or bottle.
Every moment with Orion and the growth is also enshrined Heather in his personal blog, A Mom’s Musings.Through her blog, Heather hopes she can provide education about commad and children who are born blind or deaf like Orion.


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