Phenomenon face Equinox, Cold Water Bath Frequent Should Probably?

Jakarta- On March 21, 2017 mentioned there will be a phenomenon of the equinox, which will bring extreme heat temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius.Preparing for it, began to circulate health-related broadcast message.One of them is as follows:
Dear all, because of the phenomenon of Equinox would affect Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia in the next 5 days, pls stay indoors, especially from 12: 00-15: 00 every day.Temperatures will fluctuate up to 40 degrees Celsius.This can easily lead to dehydration and sun stroke.(Ps: This phenomenon is because the sun is positioned directly above the equator at the date of March 20th.
Please keep yourself lest dehydration.Each person should consume about 3 liters of fluid every day.Blood pressure monitor.The chances of getting heat stroke.Cold shower as often as possible.Reducing mkn meat, fruit and vegetables mkn multiply.
In response to this, Dr. Laksmi Duarsa, SpKK of RS Solar Husadha, Denpasar, confirmed that a good cold shower for refreshing the body while facing the equinox extreme hot temperatures.However there are some things that must be considered by the public.
One of them is the selection of the water temperature.Despite the cold water bath is recommended, but you should set the water temperature from getting too cold.If in the heat and the body suddenly drenched with water that is too cold, the body can be ‘shocked’.
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“The body right to adjust the water temperature yes. If his body again overheating and flushing water is too cold, then his body is not ready. It could even be shivering. It is better to use water temperature was lukewarm, it was quite refreshing anyway,” added Dr. Laksmi todetikHealth.
Equally important, avoid bathing with direct poured cold water on the whole body.It is also not good for the health of the skin and the body as a whole.Dr. Lakshmi encourage you to pour water slowly per body part.For example, the first flush first part of the hands and feet, the face, and then the body.By doing so, the body can more easily adjust the temperature.
“When you’re hot skin pores that are open or if directly quenched in water that is too cold later immediately closed and might shock. Even up to fainting when flushing the head, it usually occurs in children or adults after exercise, “he said.
Well, how many times the actual frequency of bathing is recommended to face the equinox so as not dehydration?According to Dr. Laksmi, there is no definite frequency recommended, there is also no shower benchmark recommended maximum frequency.Bath, both with cold water or water of normal temperature, may be done when the person feels uncomfortable.
“Could twice, it could be more than that. Tailored just boils down to the need. The important thing was that, disiramnya slowly do not directly sprayed to all the bodies,” the message Dr. Lakshmi.


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