3 Piece appetite in humans and explanations

God has created different creatures with different shapes, such as angels, humans and animals is one of them creatures of Allah.and He created the creatures with a variety of differences as well as shortcomings and strengths.
So what distinguishes angels, humans and animals than the form?Angel created Allah.with the advantage of having a mind that is shared by humans but has the disadvantage, angels do not have an appetite, which is why angels will only continue to worship only to Allah.
As with the animals, the animals were created by Allah.with the excess that has an appetite while shortcomings that animals have no mind or thought as well as angels, which is why the animals can only act embarrassing, because animals do not have a mind.
Meanwhile, a perfect human beings in addition equipped with a lust man also has a mind which distinguishes it from other creatures such as angels and animals.Karenannya by humans may act as angel who can use common mind in the act but also can act with passion and without akal.Kita will know more about lust.
As we all know lust is something to do with a good feeling it is lust that leads to anger or that lead to pleasure alone.However, there are several kinds of lust in fact, as found in the verses of the holy Qur’an.
But some kinds of lust, according to various sources of quran
lust Mutma’innah
That passion that makes a person can mempertahankandiri of all evil because he always connect themselves to Allah.And seek His blessings.
lust Ammarah
That passion that drives men to do evil, melampiskan lust and against the teaching of the Islamic religion (Surah Yusuf, 12:53).
lust Lawwamanah
*.That passion which sometimes makes one follow the path of goodness and sometimes follow the path of evil (Surat al-Qiyamah, 75: 2).
*.lust malhamah
That passion inspired by God, exudes soul filled with goodness and glory, patient, humble, cautious, and always purify themselves (Surat ash-Shams, 91: 8).


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