A brief biography of Abdul Haris Nasution

In our country many heroes certainly one of them is Abdul Haris Nasution well you would be familiar with that name right, you taukah about life history or biography of Abdul Haris Nasution!Well you do not know me kalu will provide information in brief, happy reading yah!
Abdul Haris Nasution is a figure that is struggling to maintain the integrity of the state and nation during the 1948-1965 Indonesian exact date on December 3, 1918 held in the jungle picking up, Nopan City, South Tapanalu born an Indonesian hero named Abdul Haris Nasution
He was born on the family Batak Muslim, he was the second child and the eldest son in his family, he was raised by his father and mother named HA Nasution and his mother named Zahra Lubis Arai family is a farmer who produces coffee, textiles, and rubber.
Abdul Haris Nasution sunanti married the daughter of Gondokusumo on 30 May 1947 and in the gift of two children named Hendriyanti Saharah and Ade Irma Suryani.In 1932 he graduated from a HIS, after which he was given a scholarship to continue to Hollands Inlandsche Kweek School in London.In 1935 Nasution then continued his studies in Singapore for three years.
In 1940 Nasution joined the corps in shape by a Dutchman named Opleiding Reserve Corps Offocieren (CORO), and then after independence Nasution joined with TKR.Since then a lot of positions in the waistband Nasution as chief of staff commandment TKR Bara Java, Command Division III, Commander of the Siliwangi Division, deputy commander of the forces of war, the commander of the army and Territorial Java.Nasution is one of the target event G-30-S / PKI, but he managed to escape in the event, but his Ade Irma Suryani Nasution and his aide Lieutenant Pierre Tendean become victims.
At the time of the new order Nasution served as chairman of the Assembly, at the time of retirement in 1972, he rose to the rank of General of the Army.Nasution died on September 5, 2000 and was buried in the grave hero Kalibata, Jakarta.By the government Nasution in anugrahi title National Hero by Presidential Decree No.073 / TK / 2002.Such information regarding biography or memoir of Abdul Haris Nasution May be useful for anyone who is reading this article.


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