A short biography of Ahmad Yani

On this occasion I will tell you a little biography about Ahmad Yani.Surely one of you must have been there who know who was Ahmad Yani?Yes, Ahmad yani is one of Indonesian hero who fought to fight for and defend the independence of Indonesia.
Right on June 19, 1922 in purworejo Ahmad Yani was born.At the time must follow the draft held by the Dutch government, Ahmad Yani leave school at AMS.Ahmad Yani also, following the military education at the Department of Military Topography in Malang.
During the Japanese occupation of education are disconnected, then Ahmad Yani follow heiho education in Magelang and army map in the city of Bogor in 1948, during the PKI rebellion in Madiun, Ahmad Yani participate quell the uprising.At the time of the Dutch military aggression 1, Ahmad Yani and his troops held off the Dutch army in seclusion.
While in the past the Dutch Military Aggression 2 Ahmad Yani was appointed commander in the area Wehrkreise for kedu.At the time of the occurrence of DI / TII in Central Java, Ahmad Yani also form a special force called “Bull Raiders” that aims to quell rebellion DI / TII that occurred in Central Java.
Thanks to the hard work of Ahmad Yani career continues to increase, he is also drawn into the Army and disekolahan staff at the Command and General Staff College in the United States.After returning from the United States in 1958, he was appointed to be the commander of the commando operation Aug. 17 in the field with the task put a damper on the PRRI / Permesta.And Ahmad Yani also managed to occupy the city of Bukittinggi and paddock and a short time.
In 1962 Ahmad Yani occupy the Chief of Army Staff (Chief of Staff), and it all does not escape from the success that has been achieved.
And in the same year Ahmad Yani resist the desire of the CPI to form a fifth force composed of workers and peasants armed Ahmad Yani and Army officials more become victims of the G-30 S / PKI when he served as minister / commander of the army on the 5th October 1965 through the presidential Sk No.11 / Koti / 1965, the government confer the title of hero of the revolution.
So is the article that I made above about Ahmad Yani may be useful for us all amen.


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