Be careful, often Destructive Immune and Stress Can Make Easy Pain

Jakarta- If you do not want easy to get sick in this rainy season, in addition to implementing a healthy diet and regular exercise, you also need to find ways away from stress.The reason, stress can damage immune.
Quoted from Time, health experts said Gail Saltz when you stress the body will enter a different phase.This phase erodes the immune ability to keep the body from viruses and bacteria that enter.
Not surprisingly, then when your stress will be easy to fall ill.As a result of decreased immunity, you also become more vulnerable to headaches, sore throat, digestive problems, and even insomnia.
“When there’s a problem stressors, you can easily reduce some of the negative effects in a simple way. One of them is take a deep breath and slow. It can help reduce levels of stress,” said Saltz.
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Additionally, you can also get used to exercising regularly.To keep the mood remains stable, the type of exercise that you can select for example yoga.A healthy diet can be one effective way to maintain the strength of the immune system.
Not only in adults, stress-induced immune reduction effect also applies to children.Study of the American Psychosomatic Society found that stress really bad impact on the development of the child.
Meliisa Bright as the head of studies at the University of Florida’s Institute of Child Health Policy said that children who have a lot of bad experiences and often stressful high risk for mental disorders, physical, and decreased ability to learn.
In his study, Melissa and team examined data from 96,000 children in the United States complete with a variety of bad experiences suffered.From the results of the study, researchers linked bad experience known as chronic stress can be toxic to the mind and body.
“As a result, neuroendocrine changes the body so the immune system declines and children become easy sickly because of a bad experience in children can affect health in a holistic manner. Although, the bad experience that are not directly related,” said Melissa.


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