Belief in the Last Day

Faith in the end is to believe and trust with all my heart that the whole universe will be destroyed and the gods conceal his time at the end of the day it will come.
Signs sign is people have lost the sense and have no shame at all, busy worldly affairs make forget Allah, kill each act of adultery is rampant, mutual slander and hostile, comes Gog Magog, the appearance of the devil, the disappearance of quran, drop in Jesus as , the destruction of the shrine.
After the destruction of the universe and its contents humans and other creatures are dead but they will be resurrected in the hereafter kelak.Hidup world for a while but the afterlife is eternal natural perbanyaklah disunia before the end of the day if the gods would punish his creatures to worship their deeds and their world do the gods will reward you with inserted into heaven but otherwise will be input into hell.
A barrier that is the boundary between this world and the hereafter, people will feel the retribution for what you do for the world to be accounted is the good deeds and bad deeds people will get a reply whether the punishment of the grave or pleasure in the grave.
Yaumulbaas is the resurrection of the man who will be raised to ask questions and the responsibility for his actions.
Yaumulmahsyar is day gathering on the field after the raise in the grave.
Judgment is divided into two parts:
Doom Resurrection Kubra is a great example of this is the destruction of the contents beaerta semeata
While the Hour of Judgment sugra small example is the death of a person, an earthquake or a natural disaster.
Good deeds and bad deeds of man will be accountable as small as his charity Allah surely God will reward good and bad deeds as small microcosm of the human make sure God will reward you.
The lesson so that people can understand and realize that live in that world while not like the afterlife will be eternal in the world just to feel pleasure while afterward felt then disappear instantly but pleasure to be lasting it will be felt in the hereafter also, if placed in paradise god will certainly feel it.


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