Examples of buildings acculturation Islamic culture

The result of the acculturation process among the pre-Islamic culture and at the time of Islam into Indonesia is not only the physical form of matter (the art of building,), but also about the lifestyle and culture of the other nonphysical.
1. The art of building
In Indonesia, the art and architecture of the building islamsangat interesting, unique, and acculturative.at the time of the development of Islamic art prominent buildings is a mosque minaret and the passage grave.
a.Mosques and minarets
Based on the amount of roof, ancient mosques can be divided into several groups as follows.
1) The ancient mosque two storey roof
– Great Mosque Cirebon From 16th Century
– Katangka Mosque in South Sulawesi of Century 17
– Mosques in Jakarta, ie Angke And Marunda From 18th Century
2) an ancient mosque three-tiered roof
– Demak Mosque Of Early 16th Century
– Great Mosque of Banten From 16th Century
– Mosque Jepara
– Masjid Ternate
Beriku also found three types of mosques to know the progress of the mosque as a building:
1. Traditional Mosque, the first mosque that kind in Indonesia.forms of traditional mosques in Indonesia comes in Meru (places of worship hindu times)
2. Tomb Mosque, is a mix between a mosque and tomb.behind traditional mosques in Java usually the tomb of saints and kings Islamic kingdom.
3. Modern Mosque, the mosque was built with modern architecture and materials used also modern.modern mosque building consists of concrete walls, tile or marble, and the urgency of a strong material such as ceramics.
The following kinds of tombs whose location near the plains of the great mosque, the former central city of the empire.
1. Tomb sultans Demak Demak beside the great mosque.
2. Tombs of the Kings-Islamic Mataram Kotagede (Yogyakarta special region)
3. Tomb sultans of Palembang
4. Tomb sultans siak, Indrapura (Riau)
5. Tomb of sultans banjar in Kuin (Banjarmasin)


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