Pressing Attack Strategy in soccer

The game of football is a fairly simple game in a written rule, but it requires some strategy in practice.With the selection of appropriate strategies with a few details of a strategy such as the advantages, weaknesses, and what is needed in the know by a team prior to the implementation of the strategy used in a game.
Training using a particular strategy is also very important that launched attack and defense will go better.
Generally there are two types of strategies that can be selected.The first strategy is the offensive strategy and the second strategy is a strategy to survive.Elections in pengguanaan assault or assault strategy because they are more familiar with the technique of the attack, while the other team would be better suited to perform optimally defense.
Keep in mind that in pursuing a strategy to survive, a team not only performs continuous defense, but the team will also be waiting for a particular situation can be regarded as a golden opportunity to attack and score goals for sure.
Pressing Attack Strategy (pressing)
Pressing the attack strategy is the best strategy requires a very strong stamina.In its application, the players require to play by pressing the opposing team.Emphasis is done, as much as possible in the area opposed to sticking so the players have to have the dexterity and stamina were very strong.The advantage of this strategy is led to panic in the opposing team.
Moreover, if this strategy is successfully implemented, of course all members of the team who carried out the attack does not need to return to the area of ​​defense.This is very advantageous especially a team has a high compactness.The downside of this strategy is the extra stamina that is in need.
All members of the team, especially the offensive players should have more stamina than prime.Thus, the pursuit of the player who took the ball will be very effective.


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