Skin Not Easy Tips For Hot Weather creased Although Dusty

Jakarta- At a dusty hot air as recently happened in Jakarta, one of the things that worry is creased skin.How ya do so skin looks always fresh and not creased?
“You should always use a moisturizer after bathing to keep moisture in the skin, for a healthy skin has enough moisture so it looks soft and delicate,” advises Dr. I Gusti Nyoman Darmaputra, SpKK of DNI Skin Center, in a conversation with detikHealth.
Moreover before leaving the house should always use sunscreen.According to the man familiarly called Dr. Darma Yag this, dull skin most often due to aging of the skin caused by the sun.
“To remove dead skin that does not look dull, you should use products containing vitamin A acid which acts remove dead skin cells,” said Dr. Darma.
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How often a bath to keep the skin from drying when the air is hot and dusty?Said Dr. Darma, the activity is legitimate to do.For baths and soaks the skin can help keep the skin moist.
“But you should always use a moisturizer after wetting the skin,” said Dr. Darma.
When bathing in hot and sunny weather, is it necessary to use soap?Explained Dr. Darma, soap in his nature to help facilitate removal of impurities in the skin that can not be lost if only with water.However, use of soap was no relationship with the skin moist.
“Even if memiiliki sensitive skin, use an antiseptic soap make your skin even more dry,” continued Dr. Darma.


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