Tips for Safe Online Shopping

The present era is the era of globalization, the era of the development of various fields for example in such fields as technology, healthcare, industry, and so on.This development would have a positive and negative values.Did you ever do the shopping online?
In the current era of online shopping (online shopping) is no stranger heard by us.There are many online trading site like OLX, bukalapak, Tokopedia, lazada, Blibli and others.Yup online shopping usually sell goods such as electronic goods, clothing, accessories, home furnishings, personal care, snack, vehicles and so on.Of course, online shopping has its positive and negative sides, at this time of rampant fraud in online shopping fraud.
I will share a story about my friend who had cheated when shopping online.At that moment my friend saw a posting on the verandah facebook.The content of posts containing the salesman who will sell its gaming laptop.
At that time my friends are tempted by the price of the laptop is its price which is actually somewhat gaming laptop is not cheap (for the students who do not have income).
Conversation ensued between my friend with the seller, my friend did not feel if the seller wants to cheat when I’ve told my friends to be careful – careful in online shopping, my friend still ignored what I said to my friend.
The seller put up the price of the laptop with the price of Rp.3. 400. 000 my friend directly conduct transactions via online banking.The money has been sent to the account of the seller, the seller also said the goods will arrive within 1 week.1 week passed the goods did not come, my friend tried to contact the seller and it turns out my friends facebook account blocked the friendship by the seller.
My friend had reported to authorities.So in essence, we must be careful in shopping online.In essence, buying and selling in sosmed accounts vulnerable to fraud and lack of security advice from me safer buying goods from buying and selling sites are reliable we can to check a site is secure for buying and selling process or through the website so much from me only that much that I can say


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