Importance of Early Treatment in Children with Special Needs

Jakarta- Every child would have a different problem, including children with special needs (ABK).Well, one way to solve the problems of ABK’s therapy.
Psychologist Rosdiana Setyaningrum MPsi, MPHEd said therapy is the standard treatment given to children with special needs in order to optimize its capabilities.Treatment also vary according to the needs of the child.
“For example, therapy for sensory or speech is different depending on the needs of children,” said the woman who was familiarly called Diana is to detikHealth on the sidelines of a press conference at the launch of the App Spokle Mercure Hotel, Jalan Cikini Raya, Central Jakarta, Saturday (18/3 / 2017).
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Furthermore, Diana said the therapy as early as possible when the parent knows the child has the disorder.Therefore, a child’s brain has rapid development up to the age of five.
Diana also explained that the therapy can not be done without ongoing example to stop in the middle of therapy.Because it can reduce the ability of the child.
Then, when the child can stop therapy?According to Diana, the therapy can be stopped if the child already has a good sensory abilities, for example in terms of balance.
“Before stopping parents also need maintenance while children can let believe. But you should ask to the experts as well before it stopped,” said Diana.


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