Behind Schizophrenia Mental Disorder Patient Recognition Nababan As Lord

Jakarta- Admitted to God of a new religion, a man named Patience Nababan questioned by police.This man later was diagnosed with schizophrenia (schizophrenia), even rumored to treatment to Denmark.
It should be understood that there are two of the most typical symptoms of patients with schizophrenia, the hallucinations and delusions or delusions.
Hallucinations occur because patients with schizophrenia have impaired judgment of reality, meaning that he could not distinguish between what is real or really happened and who did not, or are all considered equally valid.
While delusion is a false belief that is not in accordance with the social background, education and culture of the patient but firmly maintained by the patient.Then the patients have a new perception of him or anything related to it.
This was conveyed by Dr. Andri, SpKJ writing indetikHealthabout schizophrenia some time ago.But to arrive at a certain perception, such as the idea that he is God or something that is not the identity, of schizophrenic patients typically experience a variety of sensations in advance.
Dr. Andri said, the sensation can be a hearing (auditory hallucinations) whisper, vision (visual hallucinations), olfactory (olfatorik and tactile hallucinations (hallucinations tactile), which is not actually real.
“In many cases of schizophrenia, which is a disorder most commonly experienced auditory hallucinations that are,” he said.
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The problem, in the case of Patience, do not explained exactly what was experienced a sensation like the man from Mataram until later prompted him to claim to be God.
A definite hallucinations and delusions is not recognized by patients with schizophrenia.They also felt not experience any disruption, even people around often difficult to convince concerned for treatment or aware of what was going on.
“Patients feel hallucinations that indeed there and could not be broken by people around them. Patients are also difficulties in controlling the hallucinations that cause functional impairment in patients,” he added.
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Mataram Police Chief, Superintendent Muhammad said, certainty regarding the status obtained from the examination of schizophrenia Patient Psychiatric Hospital West Nusa Tenggara province.
“We get letters from Mental Hospital province, the contents that are concerned schizophrenia since 2015,” he said.
After questioning related to his confession, the police did not give any penalty process against this man.But Patience activity following the new religion espoused will continue to be monitored.


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