Done Naura struggle, People with biliary atresia Baby It Has Passed Away

Jakarta- Aulia Putri Naura Wibowo, babies with biliary atresia from Depok, has been struggling.He passed away to the bosom of God after a drop since a few days ago.
Mother, Fitriyanti Irawati, said Naura died Monday (20/03/2017) night due to cirrhosis of the liver after being hospitalized for several days at Cipto Mangunkusumo.Cirrhosis of the liver is a complication of the disease biliary atresia diidap Naura.
“Naura is cured Om. Now it has become an angel of heaven,” said Fitri todetikHealth.
Through his Facebook account, father Naura, Catur Wibowo, thanked all those who helped and prayed for Naura.Condolences flowed meet his Facebook page.
Biliary atresia occurs due to the formation of the bile duct.Consequently bile which is formed can not be released from the liver and make liver damage.Biliary atresia patients also had yellow skin and a swollen belly due to hardening of the liver.
The only way to cope with biliary atresia is to undergo a liver transplant.Costs required approximately 1.2 billion and not all borne by the National Health Insurance.
AFP collaboration with was put through fundraising to help Naura.Total donations collected reached Rp228.289.519 from 1,258 donors.Donations have been left entirely to the family Naura on Tuesday (14/3).
But fate would.Naura has not had time to undergo a liver transplant, this tiny baby should have passed away.To that end, a large family profuse condolences on the loss of Naura.
Goodbye Naura.


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