Wear Leaf Spinach, Scientists Grow Human Heart

Jakarta- To overcome the problem of lack of donor organs, researchers in the world tried various ways to search for an alternative organ.One of the latest is the human heart grow spinach leaves wear life.
Researchers from Worcester Polytechnic Institute reported in the journal Biomaterials that spinach leaves is used as a template.By using special techniques, plant cells that exist in the leaf is removed and then replaced with living cells of the human heart.
Photo: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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Why spinach leaves were used by researchers because vaskulernya network much like a human heart.In the leaf vascular tissue used to transport fluids and nutrients to all parts of a plant like blood vessels.
Thus the hopes of human cells can be formed in the leaves and can be formed slowly grow into organs intact.
“Still much to do, but so far it seems very promising,” said Professor Glenn Gaudette of WPI as quoted byScience Daily,Thursday (23/03/2017).
“Adapting using abundant plant that has been cultivated by farmers over thousands of years could solve a number of problems that limit the field,” said Prof. Glenn.
Besides spinach researchers also did research on other plants that have potential.For example, the roots of the plant legumes could possibly be used as a framework for growing tissue with blood vessels smooth.


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